Published: Biswaljit Biswal and Zaijing Sun

Zaijing Sun (Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences of UNLV) and his collaborators,  Biswajit Biswal (Mathematics and Computer Sciences of SCSU), and Andrew Duncan (Material Sciences and Technology of SRNL) published an article “ADA: Advanced Data Analytics Methods for Abnormal Frequent Episodes in the Baseline Data of ISD” in the Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Technology. In this study, Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) methods are applied to the big data generated by the In-situ Decommissioning (ISD) Sensor Network Test Bed at the Savannah River Site. Advanced analytics engine, a framework of data analytics, feature engineering, and machine learning, is introduced to discover abnormal frequent episodes in the big datasets, which lead to the early indicators of ISD system failures.

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